RIP Blame Betty

Blame Betty was a lifestyle boutique, created to fill the hole that existed for people like me… like us, like you. The easiest way I came to describe it years ago was this: Clothing, shoes, and accessories... for the rest of us.

This independent Business has both been touched by, and has touched so many people since 2005. We are so grateful for the community it's created, the love it gave and has given, and how many incredible experiences it provided for so many. We want to provide a heartfelt thank you to everyone that allowed us to be a part of their experience. Thank you to everyone who walked through our doors, ordered online, allowed us to provide retail therapy, played dress up in our change rooms, took the time to leave so many positive reviews, shared photos of the treasures they found here, helped us spread the word...

We have more to say below, so please read on... but first we want to take a moment to 'Pass the Torch', so to speak. There is something beautiful that’s been created in our old space and we think you will appreciate them, too. ♥ Rite of Ritual

All of it allowed us to keep our doors open for almost 13 years. We are so damn grateful.

team and store pics


I want to take a moment to thank our team... past and present. Every ounce of energy given, every late night, every tear, every moment spent working for the common goal, every amazing moment. I love every single one of you, and have the deepest respect for you all. Man we really did have some fun!

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So, I'm sure some of you are wondering, why are we closing?

The truth is that nothing lasts forever, despite how much we want them to at times. The last almost 13 years have been such an amazing experience, and everyone here is choosing in every way - to focus on nothing but the positives that this company created for so very many. Countless amounts of amazing people have been involved over the years, countless customers, countless moments of value.

The business itself was up against a number of unavoidable experiences the last few years as many (if not all) independently owned Calgary companies have felt some impact of since the decline of oil. We faced dramatically increased exchange rates, so much of our customer base was affected by the downturn, and we had just expanded and built a gorgeous new boutique! We knew the construction on 17th was coming and tried to prepare by investing in a large-scale site rebuild to further grow our online business. It, unfortunately, did not help enough... and then 7 months of construction and road closures were an uncontrollable hard hit.

Not for a single moment, is any one thing, or one event, or the city, or construction, or the site rebuild, or the economy... to “blame” for us closing, it’s simply time to move on! I mean this, not a moment or thought of blame or negativity for anything or anyone, nothing but love and respect.  It is a gift to have the understanding that events unfold for the greater good, despite how hard it is to face sometimes... and I am grateful for all of it. All of the external circumstances, as they layered on top of one another, eventually just made it impossible to ignore the fact this cycle had completed. Economies change, construction has to happen, it just is what it is... and it is time to lay this brand to rest. Nothing more and nothing less. ♥

Important to mention here... that it is often said: When one door closes, it allows another to open. We truly do see nothing but brightness ahead. If you want to know what may come next... sign up below to be the first to know!

I've been asked a lot in the last few days... But aren’t you sad?! No, my friends... anyone taking the time to read this, our incredible community, our customers who supported us for so many years... no one here is sad! We are stressed, of course, this happened really fast, and this is absolutely hard... how could saying goodbye to such a huge part of our lives not be? But I consciously decided to brand these final few days as “a Funeral” mostly to give this thing that existed outside of me, of us, that had life energy of its own, the dignity it deserves in being laid to rest. This funeral was both a celebration of a life well lived, and allows us to give it the respect it deserves to be remembered with.

We will be updating our FAQ page as it becomes more clear what info is needed, so please check here for more info, and do not hesitate to reach out by email: [email protected] We are committed to answering everyone, and doing the absolute best we can to take care of anything needed.

This company and Brand lived a beautiful life, so with the fullest hearts- we thank you for helping us lay Blame Betty to rest. ♥